Friday, March 7, 2008

My Friday

soy chai and japanese inspiration

On Fridays I help out Angela.
I love the Sew Your Own HQ!
Angela has me laughing until I call it a day.
We start the day with take away coffees from Made then head back to Made
for Lunch. Today was Fat Mushrooms...Oh Fat Mushrooms how I love you so!!
Margie and Gabriel you both are amazing at your job!!
Oh and there is work in between all of this, but work never seems like work when your having fun!
I'm lucky to receive this feeling from both of my jobs
Happy Friday
brooke and moca


three buttons said...

oh so true that Gab makes a mean mushroom sanga! Hmmmm YUM.

Thank you for your super duper help today!! and for laughing at my silliness, like when I pretended I could play the guitar and when I was showing you my different sized sock dilemma and how that inevitably leads me to walk like a cross between a meerkat and a goanna. Lucky I don't wear those sock outside the house : )

CurlyPops said...

It must be so nice to work at jobs you love rather than jobs you need....

Caylie said...

oh is 'made' the cafe where Ghostpatrol did the big comissioned painting on the wall?