Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ikea Bikes and Rooms....

Ok I have to admit....i brooke simmons have been to Ikea for the past three days.
There it's out. Make what you like of it but I love the place!!
I go in where your suppose to go out.
I head straight to bargain corner.
Then to the plant section, to see if I can save anything.
Then it's to the Fabric department, where I um and ah over which fabrics to get!!
Ikea even manage to teach me, a bit of boy meets girl craft!
So far this week I have made Yellow Curtains for my bedroom (i'll post daylight photos tomorrow)
I'm in the middle of making curtains for the bathroom. Deck Chair Orange and White Stripe.
About to make a start on another order for Dragstar in Sydney (it seems that sydney kids love sausage dogs)
Then tomorrow i'm going to make some cushions for the couch.
Craft craft craft craft craft....
This girl has been up to some great crafting too!!
I've got my eyes pealed on one of the Vintage Zip Pencil Cases. Even if it means not eating, I'm very much willing to support the hand crafted goodness that she is whipping up at the moment!

Oh and Lady Bird Three!! She has a new addition to the basket. Some Ikea Fairy Lights for night riding. Just image the look on the policemens faces when i'm pulled over next.
And today....
Today was spent cleaning the old house.
Foaming Oven Off is Strong. It makes you sting when breathing in.
6 hours and 4 of us cleaning! The place smelt like a swimming pool.
I think we should have paid the $180 to get the professionals in....I'm stuffed


Kirsty said...

You've been so busy. I love the little bits & pieces you've got hanging on the wall & I look forward to seeing the curtains.

Sydney kids must have excellent taste.

.girl ferment. said...

If I had an ikea nearby it would be a very dangerous thing, I understand why you are there all the time. Also had to say thumbs up for the shoes, I have the brown version of those. What more could you want, a shiny outer and a bright fabric inner.

BigCat said...

Those fabrics look great. I can't wait to see the curtains. I may have to get myself of to Ikea for some fabrics me thinks.

I love all the knick knacks on the wall too.

CurlyPops said...

Those new fairy lights are so cool, and where did you get those gorgeous shoes?

Sophie said...

are those lights battery operated? (you would need a looonnnggg extension cord otherwise!)>.

those lights would look awesome wrapped around the whole bike frame! i think i need to take myself to ikea this weekend...

Christie said...

Oh- you got some of the 'tree' fabric, I think i want to make curtains out of that, it's cute!

I have a love/hate relationship with Ikea... I can ALWAYS find something to buy there...

hokey said...

Are your shoes plastic? where did you find them?

boobook said...

my shoes are from kmart!! who i might add have great thick wool blend tights that are so great to wear. Plus they have 30% off which is nice!

Sophie you are right is guessing that the lights are battery operated. I think i would get myself in a tangle if they weren't and my riding would be restricted to the local milk bar.
I got them at christmas time and didn't see them again in the past three days. Hopefully you are lucky too!!
thank you for all of your nice comments too.
I agree with your thoughts on ikea christie.

Pip from Meet Me at Mikes said...

Your bike looks shit hot.