Monday, March 10, 2008

Fruits of her Labour....

You can get some hand sized love too.
Vintage Tea Towel Purse and PVC story book purse from Meet me at Mikes.

I like to keep things cozy!!
Brooke and Moca

Edit: Pip made these beautiful purses....i think i've made it sound as if I had. Sorry Pippy. You should check out Pips Guy Craft


starashan said...

these are so sweet! (btw- I see you have that stupid spammy thing above too... I got one the other day. DON'T CLICK THE LINK!! - I can't believe I actually did when it came through to me. silly silly me *blush*)

Christie said...

They both look fab brooke, nice work... how's the uniform going?

boobook said...

Pip made these Christie....she is super clever hey!
The uniform...pattern is still untouched!

Kirsty said...

They are gorgeous, Pip is gorgeous & you are gorgeous too.

kitty's kaboodle said...

oh brooke, look at the sweet little fairy wren all proud with his blue tail standing straight. pip is clever, might have to get me one of these.
are you going to badge making on sunday or are you for work?

just like mama said...

hi brooke,
sorry not mummy of anna & gabriel but actually a little girl Kaya and boy Oliver... and haven't yet had my stuff in at Mike's, just at a cute little kids shop in North Fitzroy called Hoochie Coochie
beautiful blog, very inspiring!