Sunday, July 27, 2008

This favourite song today


I may have played it way too many times today.
Hope the boss didn't mind.
I love the sweet treat of Feists voice at the end.
Find more This is over with Angela.
brooke and moca


meet me at mikes. a happy place for crafty types said...

Oh.. but that is MY favourite song too! Kings of Convenience are my favourite band in the whole world - and i will marry Erland Oye if he will daggy dance with me! You should also listen to Lykke Li next time you are at Mikes! They are good good good for Brooke! Did you know that Feist wrote another song with the KoC too?! You will heart it.

boobook said...

thank you for having great taste on your ipod Pippy Mike!!
Is this one of the songs that makes you smile as you walk!
I will have to listen to Lykke Li.
I'm sure Erland Oye would be up for some daggy dancing with you.
I'm sure he would.
I'm even sure that he would walk around the block with you too.
Then those ladies will be saying
"there is that 8am walker with Erland Oye!"