Thursday, July 24, 2008

Shadow Puppets

I've just started back at Uni.
I'm working my way to become a kinder teacher and it's been so much fun so far!!
Tea parties, block castles, story time, dancing, laughter, cuddles and lots of watching.
I've missed the kids this week as i've been sick , but I can't wait to head back next week and perform a Shadow Puppet Show for them.

Of course it will have to involve a sausage dog for me.
A car for the little boy who has the best laugh!!
A tiger for the little boy who can say my name to sweetly!!
A fish for the little girl who loves the fish!!
A butterfly for the little boy who collects the cut out ones from the front entrance to show us every morning!!

I can't wait to see how it goes!!

brooke and moca


teddybearswednesday said...

Glad to hear uni's been fun so far! I bet the kids miss you too and can't wait til you come back!! And they will love your little show. Miss you xoxo

Christie said...

you would be the BEST kinder teacher EVER!!!

hurry up & you can teach lolo when she starts kinder!

umbrellabella said...

Right thats IT Im moving to Melbourne just so G can go to your kindie! However, not today as I am LIVING next to my letterbox waiting for your sausage dogs to roll up xoxoxo :-)

Bird Bath said...

oh, sounds like you will be perfect for the job. I had the best time working with children...everyday is special. They truly blossom during the kindy phase :)