Wednesday, July 30, 2008

On my Desk...found

I found this at the oppy a little while back.
I also lost it for about 2 months.
I was so distraught.
Pip told me that I would find it, and do you know what she was right!
It's on my desk now, but it's too dark to take a photo.
So here is the one I took when we first met.
Kirsty I think your right, i need to frame it. That way I would never misplace it ever again!!
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Kirsty said...

It really is so good Brooki. Hope you've had a good week.

Michelle said...

Do you reckon Pip could tell me where to find my brand new green scarf? I've lost it.

I love the tea towel - it's perfect.

Sherrin said...

great find... both times!

Kitty said...

delightful find Brooke. It does have such a lovely colour to it still, doesn't it. It has been too long between seeing each other. I hope your course is going well & that you are well too.
see you sooooon

paintergirl said...

brooke-la, that is so ace! perfectly ace! please give it to me next time we meet and i will have it framed for you. promise. nice.

paintergirl said...

awwww - i just wanted to add: PENNIES FOR FRIENDSHIP - awwwwww

boobook said...

awww are ace miss gemma jones!!
I just wanted to shout