Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tin Cat Cafe

My creation
1. shadows, 2. orange kitty, 3. Mirrow Boats, 4. My recovery breaky, 5. Tea Pot in a Tree, 6. Yellow Light Shade, 7. Tin Cat Cafe, 8. Tin Cat Cafe, 9. Tin Cat Cafe, 10. Tin Cat, 11. Mini, 12. Yellow Mini

This place is great!!
The food amazing.
The fittings even better!!
This is where I was lucky to share my recovery breaky with some great people!

Tin Cat Cafe

107 Rundle Street
Kent Town S.A

Last night was great to.
Brown Owl held a little celebration for me.
Thank you brown owl!
Thank you to everyone.



Kirsty said...

That place looks sensational! Fancy a bit O Thelma & Louise?

Danielle said...

Thank you! I had a lovely night at Brown Owls too :)