Monday, June 2, 2008

This pet for the weekend

This is Baci.
He is a huge mix up!!
Lab x Kelpie x Pinscher x Whippet.
He is Moca's Best friend and I'm best friends with his mum! It's just the way it works.
His mum is a Vet so he is trained very well!
Drop, shake, roll, high 10, sit, speak, give me skin, stay. He even understands swedish!!
He is my dog while I was away for the weekend.
This is how I found him this morning.



Kitty said...

he is too cute!

Hollabee said...

what a cutie Brooke...nice to 'borrow' a dog ;) we borrow a cat heheh

Jenny said...

Adorable and cheeky with it! His fur looks so soft like velvet

Kirsty said...

Almost as cute as the Sauso.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brookles!!! Thank you for such an amazing weekend! I miss having you around all the time. Baci and I had a great time, pretty sure he loves you as much as the sauso! Thanks for always being there for me you are an amazing beautiful best friend to have. Love you my LL forever! xoxx

.girl ferment. said...

he is a cutie! hope moca wasn't jealous.

Maureen said...

That's quite a look in the eye...and a kiss back at him!