Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mikes Sunday Supper

Wild Orange Mushrooms with Avocado
Mikes Sunday Supper
1. mushrooms, 2. YUM Mushrooms

Ok so maybe this is more of a breaky thing, but I could eat Mushrooms and Avocado on Toast all day!

This is how I like to do it.

Roughly chop up the mushrooms
Add some Butter to the frying pan
Put the mushrooms in.
(the great thing about these big wild guys is that they self sauce themselves. So just a little bit of butter to start and if you feel you need more put more in)
While they are cooking pop some bread into the toaster.
The Sunday Supper host makes some nice looking bread!
Once it has popped up spread with avocado.
The Mushrooms should be done now, so crack some pepper over them and just a little bit of salt and put them on top of your Avocado toast and EAT!!

You could also add these guys to a basic Risotto Recipe too.

Happy Sunday Supper Making.
Thank you Meet Me at Mikes

brooke and moca

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Kitty said...

them ones are pine mushrooms, they grow wild wherever there is a gathering of pine trees. curious things aren't they