Monday, November 12, 2007

Thursday Night until now

Alex and I headed back to our home town on Thursday night. Awaiting us was the best cook up from Alex's mum Clair. I think you always want some aspect of your friends mum.
Friday was spent relaxing at the beach and searching through my toy box at home that holds so many memories. I found old school diaries, journals from school camps, dolly mags, books and what I learnt to walk on. This by fair the greatest treasure to find all dusty and unloved for 22 years.
Us and the dogs walked to the beach with watermelon strawberries and frittata ( thanks kristy) and spend a good 2hours in the water and sun. The dogs got a little hot so I had to construct a little shade hut.
Friday night made for the frankston line and all of it's worries and Crowded House!! Way up there with the greatest concerts!!
Work Work Work Saturday, Cup and Cuddles Exhibition and Birthday drinks.
Yesterday after work was spent packing to make a move. 4 suitcases 3 picnic baskes and thats only 3/4 of my books and fabric! I really have a long way to go and i didn't quite realise how much I had acclimated since living here. I always worry that after packing them away that I might need them at any moment.
Today...well today I start a new job and I have the pre job nerves and butterflies which are good and needed and I thinking having them makes sure you do the best job you can possible do.
I hope everyone had a great weekend too.
Happy Monday
Brooke and Moca (currently still on vacation at blairgowrie with grandma)


Kirsty said...

Sounds like just a lovely weekend. I hope the new job is all you hoped for & more!!! I hope the boss is good to you too.

three buttons said...

What a lifestyle you lead Miss Boobook! Sounds like summer has already arrived. Such an exciting time for you with a new house and new job!!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous of your fab weekend....Is that a Staffie? Beautiful dog....Good luck with the new job....

Anonymous said...

ah... lovely weekend.

i think the new job suits you :)

my poppet said...

Moca looks very cool in her little hut