Friday, November 2, 2007

Flashback Friday - My Stylish Mum

My mum and my brother.

All of us, Christmas Morning.
The Smurfs are on telly! I loved the Smurfs. I remember when ever my brother annoyed me when I was older, I would put my fingers in my ears and sing the Smurf song...."la la la lala la lalala la laaaaa'....we both did it to each other and it made us 100 times more annoyed.
I think it's hard to believe that our mums were young once. Well I find it hard.

Happy Flashback Friday
Brooke & Moca


three buttons said...

Look at your Mum's flicks! She looks like she is straight out of Charlies Angels. I agree, it is sometimes hard to imagine your Mum at that young age especially when you are that same age now.

Anonymous said...

My god your mum is gorgeous with that perfectly flicked hair - Farrah Fawcett eat your heart out!

Liss said...

Oh Your mum looks like a movie star ! Beautiful !!!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

I love Farrah Flicks. She looks ace. I had 'em when i was 14 and i wore a pencil skirt to school split to the thigh. What an early 80s skank I was! You photos are always good, Miss Brooke!

Christie said...

Your mum is hot!