Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Oh my new job is just delightful!
Lovely customers, super cute babies, inspiring craft, really good workmate and great food. I even managed to meet the production designer of Feist's film clips today. It felt special!

My boss is super good too.
On my first day i'm told that i'm getting really good at answering the phone, to make sure i get some fresh air, have fun and not a word about working at all.
Then to top it off i receive a "Happy First Day" email awaiting me when i return home and a thank you for being apart of it!
Life is really good! New job new house and new beginnings.
Everything is perfect now!!


Kirsty said...

How lucky you are sweet Brooke!

Christie said...

Sounds good!

Liss said...

thats wonderful ! :-)

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Awww Simmo! Everyone deserves a LOT of happiness, ya know?! Glad you're having fun steering the big Mikey Pirate ship over there!

h&b said...

I love Feist !