Thursday, May 1, 2008

A week of Vintage Australia - Day Three

Hop Little Kangaroo
By Patricia Scarry
Pictures by Feodor Rojankovsky

Skippy to the Rescue
Written by Victor Barnes
Illustrated by Walter Stackpool

Little Binjy
Written by Victor Barnes
Illustrated by Hal English

I can't upload my own pictures, due to some little Sausage dog kicking my computer onto the ground and making the Card reader smash into 6 bits. The computer is a ok. Macs are really strong. It's the second time it's happened in it's life and it just keeps of working!! Lucky it has insurance, just incase!

This is my day three of my , Week of Vintage Australia hosted by Gemma over at Meet me at Mikes!!

These are my Australian Golden Books.
I love the illustrations in Little Binjy and just discovered that I have two copies!!
I remember watching the adventures of Skippy on Saturday afternoons.
Hop Little Kangaroo, is a sweet little story. I especially like that Kangaroos can make Sweet Berry Pie. But most of all when mother Kangaroo tells her little one " you can do anything, if you try".

Thanks to the internet for the photos.

brooke and moca


pip said...

Ya KNOW i heart these too! Yay for Binji! So sweet!

Kitty said...

little binji is just the cutest! and when did the moca dog become so naughty?

paintergirl said...

ms B - ta for the parcel - your swell wrapping was too ace!!!! and the insides made me very very very happY!

rockin' with Madame W. yesssssssss