Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday Supper

This is my take on:

 Meet me at Mikes Sunday Supper 

Water Bottle Cover.

1. I found some fabrics that i liked
2. I got some paper and traced around the bottom of the bottle to get the size for the base.
3. More paper!  I laid the bottle down and marked the bottom and the top of the bottle on the paper. I picked a spot on the bottle then rolled it until the spot reached the other side of the paper. This makes for the body.
4. Used some fabric that was kindly given to me and cut out the pattern.
5. Sew them all together. Add a touch of gingham to hold the bottle in and make a bow. I just like gingham and bows really!
6. You have a really CUTE water bottle cover!!

I like it when you set out to do something and it works!!
20min craft projects are even better!!!
I also love that it's Brown Owls tonight!!!

brooke and moca


.girl ferment. said...

cute cute. the small object has a tute on reusable sandwich covers too, should check it out.

Kitty said...

kawaii! oh brooke, how did you get to be so clever?
see you at brown owls

Michelle said...

Excellent! You're a clever chook! Wish I could go to a Brown Owls meeting - will have to arrange a trip again sometime soon.

Sophie said...

love the water bottle, where did you get it from?

thanks also for the tutorial.

three buttons said...

I love it when things just work! It is such a cute bottle cover but know I can't see the CUTE water bottle!

I love your gingham bow!

Angela xox

Lisa said...

What a great simple project. Looks fantastic.

mel bomba said...

gotta love Japanese fabric,
just adorable.
Give Moca a hug for me.

Danielle said...

love the wizard of oz fabric - too cute!