Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh pretty lady

Some things are ment to be...she was found at the right time and was polished up and given new wheels and flowers in her basket to give her extra attention and love!!
I LOVE HER. I Love the freedom of riding, just figuring out that I have been wearing my helmet backwards for the past three weeks and the roll down Brunswick St after work.
3 is my favourite number
Lady is what I get called by my housemate and
I once had a ladybird garden in a fish tank.

All I need now is an extra long basket for the back. I would love for Moca to come for a ride every now and then.
He would look like this........

I haven't seen Moca since he escaped from my mums house at the beach and was found on the highway just managing to not get hit by a car.
We don't know how he managed to get out. He was locked inside with only the window at the kitchen bench open, which is 6 time taller than he is!!
I'm so thankful for the lovely person that stopped to get him and that we didn't lose two dogs to Cars this summer. I really recommend that you Micro- Chip your animals. If Moca didn't have one, he would be lost and we would be without each other.
I finally get him back this week. It's been on vacation for nearly a month now and I can't wait for him to take up all of the bed again!!


Kirsty said...

Sensational bike - I think Moca would look really cool on the back of her. I think a giant picnic basket is in order.

Rain said...

Moca is wonder you'd love to take him for a ride

Dees said...

OMG,when did this happen??You must have been sick with worry!As you know we have a wiener too,and they do escape when they can and I always think they at one point look up during their escape and go Hé where is my family?and they get p..,at you for letting them get lost!I don't think they do it on purpose they are just the adventurous types!I am glad you are getting him back,howcome it is taking so long?xoxo Dees