Sunday, January 13, 2008

30 days - day 3

I wondered why my water bottle had green all around it.
So I went to this website and found out why.
With the barcode from my water bottle, I could help Landcare Australia plant 5 of the 250,000 native Australia Trees that they will be planting around the country.
My tree was planted in W.A and Mocas in VIC.
The Web site so fricken adorable.

When you entre your code a little boy fly's in with a kite and a bottle of water to dig a hole, to then plant the shrub, then he waters the shrub, then it grows a little and you have a tree named after you. I named a tree after 3 of my freinds, I wonder when they will find out?!
brooke and moca


Kirsty said...

Oh Brooke - you are so good to go to the trouble of going to the website & following all the rules. Yay for you & Moca & yay for your friends who have trees named after them.

Meet Me at Mikes said...

well thank YOU missus Moca! What a lovely thing you did!