Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2007 into 2008

My boss was really nice and let me have monday off. So I was lucky to head home for a couple of days and enjoy the heat and the new year with the cool sea breeze.
Moca and I met lots of dogs. A Basset Hound called Mabel and a French Bull dog called Frog. Moca and I went running at two little mini sausage dogs called Lucy and Harry.
Oh and I found my Holly Hobbie towel from when I was born (thanks mum). She managed to keep our beer and Udls extra cool at the beach!!
And I thought bugger it...I'm going to show my face!
Happy New Year to all!!
Brooke and Moca


Hyena In Petticoats said...

Happy New Year, sweetheart!

So nice to see that you're showing off your beautiful face to all of blogland!

Looking forward to your adventures this year!

Leah xxxx

Hollabee said...

I wish you a happy & crafty new year, all the best for 2008!

Liss said...

Happy New Year. such a pretty photo :-)

And I love that holly hobbie towel!!! its the best!!!!!!!!

Meet Me at Mikes said...

Ooh.... I already know how pretty you are! And thin too. And smart and kind and sweet and charming and naughty. All the best things! Keep facing up!

Dees said...

Happy New Year stunner!WOW!

Christie said...

What a nice boss! Happy new Year!

PS I love french Bulldogs!!

Drewzel said...

...and a very pretty face it is too! :D
Yay to dogs at the beach! I met a gorgeous staffie yesterday so I was stoked.

my poppet said...

and what a pretty face it is...