Monday, October 13, 2008

this current reading

this is
i'm really enjoying my studies.
Moca is showing a keen interest too. He still doesn't like kids. How is it that he is my dog?
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janny said...

that dog's freakin adorable. i can't show this to my friend ren or she'll hunt you down and rob you of him.
anyway, i love earl grey! it's my fave! congrats on loving earl grey. i love the colorful exhibition of your blog.

Moiface said...

Great shot! Looks like a book with potential :o).

umbrellabella said...

awww, hello Moca and hello Brooke Im glad you are still loving those studies. Carly had Olive of course, I saw them all yesterday; Olive is so cute a brunette with a widdle nose. xoxoxo