Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In my room right now....

I have........
three sewing machines,
4 suitcases and an inspiration door,
7 polaroid pictures,
knitting needles,
4 uni folders,
mum deodorant,
vintage dresses,
the "worlds biggest bubble maker",
two of the same jacket,
a sausage dog in my bed,
memories from my childhood,
3 sewing boxes,
a yellow clock,
an alarm set for 6am,
tea cups and shadows,
note books for observations,
mop shine drops,
derwent pencils,
cold feet,
red shoes,
hair ties,
tin collection,
fairy lights,
wicker dolls pram,
granny squares,
badges and brooches,
pegs and 3d glasses,
yellow gingham wallpaper,
books and bears,
sketches and sausage dogs....
and not much on my floor.


Erin said...

sigh. always nice to have not much on your floor. :)

umbrellabella said...

That sounds like a dream bedroom (except the 6am part). I dont know how you manage all that with nothing on the floor!x

Drewzel said...

I love this post, so gorgeous.