Sunday, April 19, 2009

little peanuts quilt

This is my first ever babies quilt. I'm really really proud at my persistence and having a crackness. With some guidance from the Meet Me at Mikes Book, Super great book, it really is,
I had such a fun time mixing and matching and puzzle piecing this present together.
Most of the fun, was bring to live the drawing from the children at work. Also I have to thank one little child for the beautiful writing of " Happy Sunshine".
So Ilana I wish you, peanut and the rest of your family, the happiest of adventures!!


Pip said...

Bloody good job! Lovely lovely lovely! ;)

three buttons said...

Awww, lucky little peanuts!! You've done a beautiful job Brooke.

Thank you for my beautiful day today and beautiful gifts, I LOVE them : )



Kirsty said...

Excellent, excellent crack!

Anonymous said...

It turned out really really lovely! GOOD JOB!! :) It's super cute!

handmade romance said...

Adorable Brooke! Kids drawings are one of my favourite things, so I think this quilt is super special indeed. I do also love that little piece of fabric on the right that has pink and red waves...they almost look like clouds - lovely!

dorothybills said...

What a beautiful quilt! I too make baby quilts and it's so great to see how other people put there's together,very inspiring! Great job!