Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the past week

ahhh so much fun. Best friends over, working with the kids, making art work with the kids, laughing with the kids, laughing with best friend, races with best friend....sun love and lots of memories. Oh and I might just be Postman's Pats new girlfriend!!
My very first flower from kinder

that is all.


three buttons said...

You look so HOT right now ; )

Can't wait to see you again, miss sunshine!!

Angela xx

word verification: repanci

Kirsty said...

that is good.


Sherrin said...

sounds like fun :o)

- and lol re Angela's comment HOT and word verification... because the word verification I have on this comment is 'hotiend'

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Love your dress Brooke, you look great, and very happy!!

Anonymous said...

You are one sexy LL! Miss you like sunshine on a cloudy day xoxo