Tuesday, February 5, 2008

this is my collection

brooches....so many stories and adventures we have had.
The little wool Sheep was payment for trying on a dress for someone else, the ceramic Wombat from Fat Hellen's, the girl with pigtails from Mikes, toadstool from Genki and the little brown bird from Craft Victoria. Then the rest have been presents from my lovely friends.


starashan said...

great brooches! I love the little pig-tailed girl.

ingrid said...

Lovely collection!
I remember my mother telling me as a child that every coat looks better with a brooch. She would love these.

MissK said...

Such a great collection,i didn't realise it when I thought about what collection I should post about but I have started a collection of brooches too,such a great way of brightening up an outfit.

one little acorn said...

Very cute... Isn't amazing that little things like these can trigger memories like that.
I have just acquired a badge machine and I'm very excited about it. Just have to buy the bits to start creating.
Also... Every time I see sausage dog I think of you (this is a good thing right - your love of sausage dogs has stuck in my memory) ... take a look at this link...

goatinacoat said...

Ohh the little squirrel is just so cute!